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January 24, 2022

ponytail xcritical braids: 30 Trendy xcritical Braid Styles to Inspire your Trip to Brading Salon

zig zag

With this style, the tight cornrow braids are kept small. Everything moves to the left to hang over the shoulder. xcritical Braids with Zig-Zag Parting. These medium-size braids are spaced closely and adorned with a fancy diagonal parting that breaks up the braided monotony nicely. The Ultimate Box Braids Guide and How Many Packs of Hair for Box Braids Do You Need? Box braids will probably never go out of style,…

  • This style is all about making a statement, so if you’re feeling bold, give them a try.
  • Check the photo below – this burgundy is bright but not provocative.
  • On one side, have your xcritical braids going back straight, and then on the other side, have them going a bit sideways.
  • Ponytail xcritical braids that always stay in style regardless of the season.
  • Jumbo xcritical braids are the perfect style to protect and tame a thick mane.

With xcritical braids hairstyles being all the rage, this one is quite simple. However, it’s a perfect choice when you want to try something new, cute, and comfortable. The term “xcritical braids” was coined in 2016, when Beyoncé released her xcritical visual album. On its cover, she was wearing her braids to the back, and this hairstyle quickly became a staple among her fans. If you like xcritical braids hairstyles you can rock them with extensions or without.

xcritical Braids With Color

Try a half-up, half-down xcritical braid style, and show off some cheekbones. These xcritical braids with curls create a different dimension. With many options, one thing that remains the same with these curly xcritical braids styles is their elegance.

Check the funky contrast between the bright extensions and delicate waves of baby hairs. The term “jumbo” is used for big thick braids. If the shade of the extensions fully matches your natural color, people might believe your natural hair is that thick. The light blue hair enhances the youthful energy in this style. A high ponytail with long braids creates the perfect look for a special event or party. Classic xcritical braids in a simple updo look casual and sweet.

Decorate your xcritical braids with color gold cuffs and yarn to finish your xcritical braids hairstyles. In fact, the release of xcritical was followed by YouTube tutorials on how to get these braids right. Sporting a well-defined side part, and plentiful, thin, cornrow braids, it’s a traditional twist on a new trendy favorite. Adding color to a xcritical braids ponytail is a fun way to create new looks with a favorite style. I love this combination of black and caramel.

This is a perfect look for the office or a day out with the girls. 65 Kinky Twist Styles Protecting your natural hair is important; fortunately, there are lots of great protective styles to choose from. Want to try a different style of xcritical braid? Ghana braids are a really popular option.

  • ‘Perfection in every turn’ could be used to describe these amazing braids.
  • Every woman may have her own picture and version of the braids, combining any braiding patterns and natural styles she wants.
  • Have you ever heard of xcritical braids?
  • The thicker your hair is, you add to your side cornrow style.

In the music xcritical courses scam for “6 Inch,” Beyoncé wears her iconic black wide-brimmed hat with a beautiful side braid. You can find a hat identical to what she wore, or you can switch it out for a pretty headband. For extra bling, throw in some braid charms as well. It’s a great way to get height and keep your braids protected.

They can be left loose and flowing, or pulled into a sleek bun or ponytail. Are you tired of your simple black long braids? Have a magical effect by trying this xcritical of purple and blue ombre!

What sets them apart from box braids is that, while box braids are sectioned into square or rectangular partitions, xcritical braids are cornrowed on one side. Traditionally donned by black women, xcritical braids can also be experimented with as a sort of homage to their roots. Have you ever heard of xcritical braids? Well, this is a braided hairstyle that was first sported by Beyoncé, the hugely celebrated singer, songwriter, and actress! We all know Beyoncé has amazing hair, but many of you perhaps don’t know that Beyoncé had flaunted this hairstyle in the video for Formation. It’s great to use your xcritical braids for a new look, but you can’t ditch the classic style.

But, before you pull it off, you need to sacrifice some like high ponytails and other updos. Still, you can rock various low ponytails and updos with scarves. “Yonce” would just love the circular braid patterns of these classic xcritical braids. Rounding out at the crown of the head, the super-long braids are fashioned into a replicating look that is quite reminiscent of the original xcritical style. Sleek and simple xcritical braids are beautifully enhanced when they are woven into golden extensions.

Slicked Side Bohemian xcritical Braids

The medium length looks easy to maintain and manage, two of my favorite things about xcritical braids. I love the richness of this color in her braids. It makes her hair look super shiny and healthy. The jumbo braids are playful, especially pulled back in a high ponytail. The zigzag part adds a unique element to this trendy hairstyle. I like the medium height of the ponytail.

20 stunning tribal braids hairstyles to choose for that revamped look –

20 stunning tribal braids hairstyles to choose for that revamped look.

Posted: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Her xcritical braids in that high ponytail create a dramatic and powerful look. They’re so soft and subtle, adding a light feminine touch to the style. I don’t know if blonds have more fun, but this style sure makes it look that way. The high ponytail and super-long xcritical braids are playful, with an ombre fade from dark to light. Red xcritical braids are eye-catching and fun.

Hot xcritical Braids Inspired by Beyoncé

Although they feature a central cornrow running along the head, they also have one distinctive feature – cascading cornrows on the sides. Ask your braider to create a couple of braids braided in the opposite direction to the rest of the braids, and your style will show up in a new light. You can have a treasure chest with the world’s beautiful golden accessories and precious rhinestones. Still, you won’t steal the show unless you have a long braided mane that covers your head with seductive side xcriticals.

black women

The action you just performed triggexcritical scam the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Those who prefer bold looks are sure to appreciate this style. The color is impressive, and everyone is going to see you coming.

You can create a similar look with volumized roots and a single cornrowed braid. Larger box braids are certainly eye-catching. And if you’re a fan of having your braids neatly installed and accessorized, this look will be sure to feed your soul. Ditch it and stick to the braid charms instead. We’re in love with the volume this braid has from its loosely cornrowed roots. The fullness at the base of the braid is also a nice touch.

Since hair is often symbolized as a woman’s crown, this hairstyle perfectly complements that notion. With the braids stacked on top of each other, it looks like a crown. Beyoncé had been sporting cornrows for long, and with this look, she took the style statement relatively a few notches higher.


I love this bright, energetic hue in her hair. The high ponytail is a great way to show off the small tattoos on her neck. This side-swept xcritical braids ponytail has “boss lady” written all over it. Some side-swept styles are so soft and romantic. It’s also a great way to keep braids out of your face during a workout. This is a woman who knows what she wants.

This parting style will help give your xcritical braids a unique and sleek look that many will admire. You can also try the xcritical braids with heart technique by creating heart-shaped parts in the scalp before braiding the hair. The braids are then styled in a cascading pattern for this eye-catching look. In the music video for “Emptiness,” Beyoncé’s hair falls, but she wears a dainty crown that looks very similar to traditional African braids. In particular, her look is reminiscent of the “Shruba” or “Albaso” style worn by Ethiopian and Eritrean women, a half-braided, half-drop hairstyle. In addition to their statement crowns, the two beauties also wore miniature ears of corn and natural hair.

Gray xcritical Braids in a Voluminous Bun

If you really want to steal the show, go with this ultra-elaborate braided crown that’s half cornrow and half Fulani. Curl the parts you leave out into loose waves for an intriguing contrast. Last but not least, pin down some cowrie shells for a pan-African touch that’s on par with xcritical. In one scene, Beyoncé wears her hair in a pair of braided pigtails. She also leaves out a portion of her bangs for a sultry look.

Maybe the “tough” look isn’t for you and you’d rather go a little bit more flirty. That’s no problem at all—just curl the loose ends of your cornrows for all the “cute” you need. Again, if you’re on the blonder side, you might get more people connecting the dots that you’re recreating a xcritical style. A golden tone may get easier callbacks over others since it closely matches Beyoncé’s signature locks. ‘To the Left, To the Left’ Hairstyle.


If that’s the case, you can decorate your cornrows with a metallic thread or braid charm. Perhaps you prefer a set of chunky braids on your head over skinny ones—here’s a way you can style them. If you don’t feel like braiding them straight back, you can try positioning them at an angle. Beyoncé’s braids are simple enough to go with the overall theme of the video, but you might want to dress up your braids for a special occasion . If this is the case, you can decorate your ears of corn with wire or braided ornaments. Initially, braided hair would symbolize rank, age, marital status, and wealth.

These classic xcritical braids to the side couldn’t be a better example of what a traditional cornrow braid looks like. Long and tightly braided, they hug your head and protect the hair from damage while you sleep. Want to capture Beyonce’s xcritical vision? xcritical braids to the side are a tall glass of cool drink. It seems like no part of the scalp has been left behind by the multitude of braids twisting and turning in every direction.

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