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Whether your home needs a total remodel or just minor updates and reorganizing—we are experts at making the changes needed for your property to maximize its potential as a 5-star vacation rental.

Inside Kauai operates at a much higher standard than your average Property Management firm. We are knowledgeable in all vacation rental services, platforms, types of media and marketing techniques, all with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest possible revenue and occupancy, catering to the most desirable markets, assuring the owner the end results they want.

Each guest arrival is preceded by a thorough and meticulous professional inspection. From cleaning and sanitizing to taking inventory, testing all equipment, white-glove cleaning checks, and professional staging of every room, every time. On-island guests receive 24/7 proactive information, support and resources. All our properties average 4.9+ star reviews in over a decade of service with dozens of properties and literally thousands of guests.


W. and M. Brown
Owners Hoaloha
“We consider Lauren Benton our business partner, not just our property manager. When we purchased our Hanalei vacation rental property, we had a strong sense of the potential of the property but did not have the local resources nor the marketing knowledge to capture that potential alone. Lauren was the secret ingredient required for our vacation rental to become one of the top properties in the high-end rental market of Hanalei. Lauren is knowledgeable, insightful, organized and fun. We could not imagine a better partner than Lauren.
Rental Management: Lauren is an expert manager of the staff and property. She worries about the details as much as we would but takes that burden off our plate. Bookings, marketing, vendors, upkeep... Lauren has become a trusted partner who we know will bring us the decisions we have to make as the owners while making the decisions we just don't need to be involved in. She is also very proactive, making key recommendations that have significantly increased the per night rental price we now get for our property. Our guests rightly sing her praises in our reviews, and her devotion to our renters has resulted in many return visitors.”
K and H. Johnson
Owners Hale Aku
“My wife and I are very pleased with the property management services that Lauren Benton and her company Inside Kauai have provided us over the last 6 years. We could not recommend her more highly and she is a pleasure to work with. Lauren is very reliable and knows how best to get things done. From the very beginning, Lauren helped us through the mechanics of renting and managing our two properties, helping us set up our LLC, local bank account, bookkeeping, rental agreements, placing the appropriate ads, making the needed repairs and improvements, and interviewing and performing the needed and careful due diligence to finding the best tenants. Lauren is professional, high energy, diligent, readily available, listens well, follows through on any given tasks, and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Lauren is well connected in the North Shore community and has a well-earned excellent reputation. Lauren has an incredible team of people who she can draw from as needed including cleaners, handyman, repairmen, gardeners, craftsman and contractors. Lauren was the big difference maker when we experienced the April 2018 flood in Hanalei and she was able to hire and engage flood rehab experts and have them onsite within 48 hours. Lauren has been instrumental in guiding us through the challenging and changing rental environment with the Covid pandemic and the sometimes-difficult County of Kauai. Through it all, our properties have been maintained in excellent condition, and rented at near 100% of availability with happy, responsible tenants and solid and regular income and expense reporting disclosures and tax records. Bottom line, Lauren’s a rock star in Property Management on Kauai/the North Shore.”
L. Bendele
Owner Kealoha
``Lauren is such a pro and she makes it very easy on us as home owners. She takes care of everything, she encourages renters to start and stop their vacations on days that maximizes days rented and she provides guests excellent service as witnessed by our property’s 5 star reviews on all the rental sites. Since we live on the mainland, it is critical that we have someone we trust to take care of everything, and we trust Lauren completely.``